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Þingvellir Veins: In 'Þingvellir Veins,' the fine lines of moss thread through the lava, creating a lifeline that speaks to the resilient beauty of Iceland's national treasure.


This image showcases a selection of fine chocolates artfully arranged on a wooden platter.

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Bríet x Collab


Aldís Fjóla - Concert photography is the art of capturing the electrifying energy and raw emotion of live performances. Through my lens, I immortalize the dynamic interplay of light, sound, and movement that defines the concert experience. Each shot freezes a moment in time – the intensity of a guitarist’s solo, the passion in a singer’s expression, the vibrant connection between the performers and their audience.  Navigating the challenging lighting conditions and fast-paced action, I focus on creating images that convey the essence of the performance. My goal is to make viewers feel as if they are right there in the crowd, experiencing the music firsthand. With each click, I strive to preserve the magic and adrenaline of live music, crafting visual memories that resonate long after the final note fades.


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