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Íris Ösp is a graphic designer and photographer with a bachelor's degree in design and photography from the Accademia Italiana in Florence. 

"As a graphic designer and photographer, I blend artistry and technical skill to create visually captivating and emotionally resonant works. My design work transforms ideas into compelling visuals, combining color, typography, and imagery to communicate powerful messages. Every project, whether a logo or branding material, is crafted with precision and creativity to ensure it stands out and connects with its audience.

In my photography, I capture the beauty and essence of the world around me. Whether it’s pattern in a stunning landscape, a candid portrait, or an intricate still life, my photographs tell stories and evoke emotions. Balancing these two creative disciplines, I bring a unique perspective to every project, ensuring that each design and photograph is not only visually striking but also deeply meaningful.


Through my work, I aim to inspire and engage, leaving a lasting impression."





Hringir-Circles - Hraun og mosi

Norræna húsið / Nordic House 


Hönnunarmars 2019 / Design March

Hringir-Circles - Fjaran

Gallerý Grótta / Grótta Art museum



Hringir-Circles - The four elements and

Book publication

Jónshús / Jónshús community hall



Hringir-Circles - The four elements and

Book publication

Iðnó / Iðnó culture house




Nordic house

Moss and lava

The first series "Lava and Moss" in the Nordic House during Design March in the spring of 2019. The exhibition ended up lasting over a year locacted in MATR. The pictures spoke very nicely to the environment around the Norræna húsið.

Íris Ösp with her daughter Sara Lind

Grótta art museum

Black beaches 

In October 2020 we did not have the opportunity to go to many art exhibitions due to Covid. There were only a few days where you could go to the exhibition itself and smell the seaweed and listen to the sound of the sea.

I decided in collaboration with Grótta art museum in Seltjarnanes to make the exhibition Hringir vol.2 digital as well.

Seaweed in the showroom at Grótta

Jónshús - Köben

Exhibition and publishing party

In April 2022, an exhibition was set up together with the publication of the photo and poetry book Hringir - Circles, which is a collection of the first four series of Hringir. The exhibition took place in Jónshús, Copenhagen. The exhibition featured pictures from all the series, as well as the newly printed book.

Publication of the photography and poetry book in Jónshús, Copenhagen

Iðnó Culture house

Exhibition and publishing party

In May 2023, the exhibition in the beautiful Iðnó culture house, showcased images from the first four series and marked the publication of the photo and poetry book Hringir-Circles in Iceland.

Iris in front of one of the displaid photo "Ethereal Whispers" at Iðnó Culture house

"If you do what you love, you don't really go to work a single day.

This was a phrase I adopted when I was younger, now with a lot of commitment and good support, it has become my reality."

Íris is a member of FÍT, The Icelandic Graphic Design Association.

Íris is also on the board of Grapíka Íslandica, an association of women

in graphic design in Iceland.




reykjavik underground


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