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The photography series Hringir-Circles focuses on the often-overlooked details of nature. It delves into the intricate patterns and textures of scabs, tree bark, and other natural elements, capturing them with a micro lens and enlarging the images. This allows viewers to discover the hidden life beneath their feet in a fresh perspective. The series magnifies the subtle beauty of the earth's surface, revealing the fascinating designs that typically go unnoticed beneath our footsteps, and surprises the audience with their complexity and charm.

Algal Elegance
Algal Elegance

How it started

I was on a photography project at Snæfellsnes. During one of the breaks, I noticed a rather remarkable thing..

I sat down in a moss-covered bed of lava and began to look at the patterns in nature.

Before I knew it, I was mesmerized by the textures, colors and contrasts of lava and moss.

Then this little adventure started where I began collecting pictures of patterns from Icelandic nature.

As a continuation of the pictures, I started to create poems that connect mothers and Mother nature.

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